What we do

We offer reliable and prompt gardening services to domestic, community and commercial properties. 

We make your garden look beautiful.


Don’t landscape it.  Betterscape it!

Gardens are no longer just outdoor spaces designed to make our homes look pretty.  They are part of our living space.  They need to cope with children’s play, outdoor parties and BBQ’s and still provide a sanctuary when you need it.  Oh, and they still need to make our homes look pretty.

We help you work out the best layout for your space so it suits your lifestyle.

The services we offer include:

  • Mulching,
  • New Turf Laying
  • Paving,
  • Planting,
  • Rotary hoeing,
  • Garden edging,
  • Building of paths
  • and more.

Garden maintenance

Nothing makes a home look unloved like an overgrown lawn and garden.  It also takes dollars off your property value.  Whether it’s mowing the lawns or the maintenance of a more complex planting, Greenway Betterscapes will tend it with care.  We have an eye for detail and we know what works.

We offer full service garden maintenance, doing everything from weeding and pruning to the removal of all the cuttings.

Services include:

  • Hand weeding,
  • Pruning trees and shrubs,
  • Fertilising of gardens and lawns,
  • Mowing,
  • Removal of plant materials,
  • General garden maintenance.
  • Turf rejuvenation
  • New Turf laying